Nintendo innovation in the game industry

If you look at the whole picture, you see the gaming industry being a factor in only a short period of time, since the 70’s. It took them about a decade until they made a name for themselves, and people began to know who a company like Nintendo was.

The time of the game where you eat mushrooms and step on turtles is long gone now. They are very frequent for the game industry, because they explode and become popular. It quickly became a billion-dollar industry, and Nintendo began launching many games every month. It might have been a fringe industry at some point, but not anymore. At least not since Microsoft and Sony started making games too.

Nintendo’s Disruptive Strategy

Today, the gaming industry is a big giant, trying to improve itself with each new game release. They keep trying to improve their game and their marketing techniques, so they sell more. They launched a new, more powerful console, they used a better soundtrack and a bigger game world, with amazing new graphics.

As Microsoft and Sony continue to improve their games, Nintendo tries to change the technology behind their games. They decided that instead of upgrading their cars, they would rather build a new vehicle, which would revolutionize the industry.

Microsoft and Sony are targeting the demographics of older players with their games and consoles, but the game industry is built on youth. Nintendo instead tries to bring new technology to the table and win over the younger generation, the future.

The Gaming Industry Innovation

Nintendo is now trying to get a console on the market that will make parents think that it’s cool and buy it for their child. The success of the Nintendo Wii console is due to the fact that it is cool technology and because parents want to see their child’s exercise. The fact that the Wii makes exercise fun can only help with sales. Even older players like this console, especially if they want to change their sedentary lifestyle, or if they want to lose weight.

This is why Nintendo has an advantage when it comes to a race between them and two other competitors, Microsoft and Sony. They might come up with their own innovations in time, but for now, Nintendo has an advantage when it comes to console technology. Some companies like Sony rely on most of their reputation, but the people who win the race in the long run are the ones who innovate.